Data Connector FAQ

Frequently asked questions about the DataCamp Data Connector

Can I directly integrate the Data Connector with my BI tool, like PowerBI or Tableau?

Yes! Check out our documentation on Tableau and Microsoft PowerBI

Who has access to the Data Connector?

DataCamp Data Connector can only be enabled by group admins or DataCamp employees. Anyone you share the credentials with can access the data through the Data Connector. Learn more how to safely store your credentials to keep your learning data secure: Storing your Credentials

What is the Data Connector and is it a fit for us?

The Data Connector allows DataCamp business plan admins to access their raw learning data, including some additional data that is not easily available in the Group Hub. By enabling this functionality, you will no longer need to manually log into the DataCamp platform and manually export the learning data. This feature is fit for companies with robust analytics and business intelligence requirements.

Which kinds of companies are successful with the Data Connector?

This will be most beneficial to companies who manually export their learning data and spend a significant time manipulating it to get different views (metrics over time, department level, etc.). These companies have a good understanding of the KPIs and learning progress data they want to see.

What can I achieve with the Data Connector?

  • Understand the impact of learning and development efforts, communicate progress, diagnose bottlenecks, drive decision-making, and predict development needs.

  • Access most of your raw learning progress data, including some additional data that is not currently available in the Enterprise app.

  • Create a variety of visualizations: trends over time, pie charts, bar graphs, etc.

  • Slice and dice data with a variety of filters, for example, department, office, recruiter, etc.

What are some of the limitations of the BI Connector?

  • Not for activity tracking or tracking hourly data; not for instant analytics—data is refreshed every 24 hours.

  • The Data Connector works best when your organization has users dedicated to creating reports for the whole team and are preferably are Data Analysts.

How often is the data updated?

The data is synced to Amazon S3 daily (including weekends). Your organization can connect your in-house BI tool to Amazon S3 to pull your data from DataCamp. Data is typically updated between 1 AM and 7 AM UTC.

Can I access the files through my own S3 bucket?

Currently, we only support data transfer via DataCamp Amazon S3. We will provide you with secure credentials to access your learning data.

Are my credentials stored securely?

Your secret password is encrypted and stored securely on AWS SSM params store. DataCamp does not store this information in any database. It is only displayed upon request. All admins within your group will see the same credentials.

Can different admins create their own set of AWS credentials?

No, the credentials are created based on the group ID. Therefore, all admins will have access to the same credentials regardless of who sets up the initial configuration.

Is the data in the Data Connector backed up?

We do not create backups of the DataCamp Data Connector. You can however download the raw data files and back them up yourself. Learn how to in the Downloading data articles.

How do I enable the Data Connector?

You can enable the DataCamp Data Connector either via the Group Hub or through your Customer Success Manager, if you have an Enterprise, Usage, or Unlimited DataCamp.

What happens when the Data Connector is disabled?

Disabling the Data Connector will disable future data exports, but all other settings will remain. This will not delete your S3 bucket or erase the credentials you have configured, so you can use the same credentials and bucket if you choose to re-enable this feature.

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