Updated the data model for certification_dim and certification_fact. This is a significant update to bring both tables in line with the current state of the certification product.

The following fields have been deprecated:

  • certification_dim: created_at, updated_at

  • certification_fact: started_at, assessments_completed_at, challenge_started_at, challenge_completed_at, case_study_started_at, case_study_completed_at

The following fields have been added:

  • certification_fact: registered_at, expired_at, assessments_passed_at, coding_challenge_passed_at, first_exam_started_at, first_exam_completed_at, exam_last_passed_at, case_study_ready_at, first_case_study_submitted_at, last_case_study_submitted_at, is_passed_exams

The following fields have been renamed:

  • certification_dim: certificate_id to certification_id

  • certification_fact: certificate_id to certification_id


Added new data model for workspace_visit_fact, containing four fields (visitor_id, workspace_id, visited_at, and nb_seconds). Also added additional fields in workspace_dim (owner_type) and workspace_fact (nb_shares, nb_viewers).


Added new data models for assessments, certification, and workspaces.

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