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Enable the Data Connector

Enable the Data Connector to export your learning data to Amazon S3.
Enabling the Data Connector is an easy 2 step process.
Step 1: Navigate to the Reporting or Advanced Reporting page in the left-hand menu and select the Export tab at the top of the page. The Data Connector pane should show on the right-hand side of the page. If the Data Connector pane is not present, speak to your Customer Success Manager to enable access.
Where to find the Data Connector configuration
Step 2: Click the "Set Up Data Connector" button. This will display a modal with the auto-generated credentials you can use to access the S3 bucket containing your data exports or connect to the data using Amazon Athena. When you are ready click “Continue”.
Your Data Connector credentials
By completing these steps you have successfully enabled the Data Connector. From now on, we will export all of your learning data on a daily basis.
You can always come back to this page to retrieve your credentials