Your Credentials

Access your Data Connector credentials to load data from the Data Connector.

To access your credentials you'll first need to enable the Data Connector. Check our Enable the Data Connector article to learn how.

Step 1: Navigate to the Reporting page in the left-hand menu and select the "Data Connector" tab at the top of the page.

Step 2: Click 'View Configuration Details' on the "Data Connector" card.

Step 3: View your credentials in the 'View Data Connection settings' dialog.


AWS Region

This is the location in the world where the Amazon data center cluster is located. That is the place where your data is stored.


S3 Bucket Name

This is the name of the storage resource containing your data


Access Key

This is a username for you to access the S3 bucket. It consists of 20 upper case letters


Secret Password

This is a password for you to access the S3 bucket. It consists of 40 alphanumeric characters.


If you are using an Amazon Athena library you might be required to enter a staging or output directory. This is a special directory in the S3 bucket that is writable by the Athena library and is used to store output files for your queries.

Use the following value for your output directory


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