Using the Data Connector

Analyze and visualize data the way you want.

The Data Connector exports files in CSV format to an S3 bucket. You can use these files in two ways, depending on your needs and the way your organization approaches reporting.

Analyzing your data

You can report on your data using your own BI tools or other reporting tools using an ODBC connection. Most tools require you to install the Amazon Athena ODBC driver to do this or have integrated plugins. We have guides on how to complete this connection for Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, dcdcr (deprecated) and dcdcpy (deprecated)

Downloading your data

Alternatively, you can download the raw data files. This is useful if you wish to load all your learning data into your own data lake. This usually means you have a data lake that already contains data from other sources and you wish to include your DataCamp learning data too.

You can either manually download the files using tools like S3 Browser (Windows), 3Hub (Mac) or AWS CLI (Linux), or you can choose to programmatically download it. See this example Python script: Download with Python

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