DataLab is a cloud-based notebook built by DataCamp that allows you to experiment with code, analyze data, collaborate with others and share insights with no installation required.

This page describes the steps to can seamlessly analyze Data Connector learning data with DataLab with zero setup.

  • Before starting, make sure that:

    • You are an admin in the group whose data you wish to analyze.

    • The Data Connector is enabled as described here.

  • Head over to the datalab dashboard at

  • A new workbook with an empty notebook is created, where you can start your analysis:

  • Create a new SQL cell, and select enterprise-custom-reporting-athena as the data source:

  • You can now write and run a SQL query to fetch the learning data you need through the Athena connection. For example, we can check the total XP for each user in your group. See Example queries for more examples of SQL queries you can write.

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