Connect your learning data to Tableau to analyze your data and create reports.

With the DataCamp Data Connector it's super easy to get started analyzing your data in Tableau. All you need to do is set up a connection using the Tableau Athena Connector and configure it using the credentials you can retrieve via the DataCamp Group hub.

Below is an easy step-by-step guide to set up the connection and start analyzing your Learning data.

Step 1: Install the ODBC driver

Download and install the Tableau Amazon Athena driver. You can download the official driver from the Tableau website:

If you are having trouble getting the driver installed as described on the Tableau website, try placing the .jar file in the ~Users/{yourusername}/Library/Tableau/Drivers where {yourusername} is the name of your profile on your workstation.

Step 2: Setup Athena connector in Tableau

Step 1: Quit and re-open Tableau

Step 2: Set up the connection in Tableau

First make sure you have collected your credentials as described in our Your Credentials page.

Under "Connect", select "Amazon Athena" and enter the following data:

  1. Server name:

  2. Port: 443

  3. S3 Staging directory: s3://{bucketname}/tmp-tableaureplace {bucketname} with the S3 Bucket Name from your credentials

  4. AWS access Key ID: the Access Key from your credentials

  5. AWS secret access key: the Secret Password from your credentials

You can leave the "Initial SQL" tab untouched

Click the "Sign in" button


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