AWS CLI (Linux)

This guide describes how to access your data through the AWS CLI. Below you will see the steps we followed to access your data using AWS Command Line Interface

Step 1: Install the Amazon AWS CLI using the instructions on this page:

Step 2: Once installed you need to initialize your AWS configuration by typing the following command:

aws configure

This command will ask you for your Access Key ID, Secret Access Key, and Default region which you can all retrieve from the Data Connector settings page on the Groups hub.

See our Your Credentials page for instructions how to retrieve these settings.

The Default output format option you can leave empty.

Step 3: Now you can use the CLI to retrieve a list of all files in your S3 bucket.

To list all files you can for example us the following command

aws s3 ls s3://your-bucket-name

Or use the following command to download a file to your local hard drive home directory

aws s3 cp s3://your-bucket-name/filename.csv ~/filename.csv

See the S3 CLI reference pages for documentation on all the S3 commands you can use

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